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Anonymous asked:

How did you become closer to Allah? I've been struggling with my faith lately and I'm very afraid of wronging myself and displeasing Allah. I just need some advice iA.


It began by me asking God to show me a path to Him. I literally asked.

I was 19 years old, I was sitting in a hotel room in Barcelona, and I just asked God to show me to Him, that all I wanted was to believe in Him as I did when I was younger: absolute certainty.

God will show you the path. Perhaps you will be very spiritual? Perhaps you will be rationalistic? Perhaps you will find beauty in the Arabic language of The Qur’an? Perhaps you will find Him in your prayers? In the service of others?

It wasn’t automatic, but it was a desire, and you have that desire, but you have to put your trust in God, and seek Him. Improve your awareness of God, because if you have awareness of God (Taqwa) you will be different, I promise.

Have patience, and be humble.

I will be praying for you, insha Allah.

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